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3 Steps to More Powerful PowerPoint Slides

In Design Opinion on February 16, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Step 1
Write your script ­ or notes. Do this in PowerPoint’s speaker’s notes section. Write one note page per idea. DO NOT start writing on your slides.

Step 2
Find a notebook (I have an 8.5 X 11 storyboarding sketchbook) and jot down your headlines, using each page as a slide. Based on your notes, draft a concise key takeaway that will give your audience insight in to the graphic you will create in Step 3.

Step 3
DRAW your support for your headline on each page that you created in Step 2. That’s right don’t touch PowerPoint. This is where you need to be creative — and not limited by what you think you can do in PowerPoint.  With your mind, paper and pencil the sky is the limit when it comes to brainstorming ideas.  And speaking of brainstorming, this is a great time to pull in teamates to develop great image ideas for your slides. Refer to your notes, then create an image that will help the audience understand and remember the key point of your slide.

You will finalize the image later in your PowerPoint slide. It is at this point, you can decide on whether you have the capability and grasp of PowerPoint needed to create the graphics, if you need to turn it over to an admin, or call on the help of a PowerPoint expert.

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