Learn how to insert and embeded virtuall

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Learn how to insert and embeded virtually ANY audio file with Troy Chollar at TLC Creative Services. #addingmedia #powerpointtip http://ow.ly/wQ3o30nRywb

Identity Theft: It happened to me. Learn what I learned.

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This is a well-written article on what to do if your identity has been stolen. But, more importantly, Beth Melton provides tips to help you _prevent_ identity theft.

It’s great advice from someone who’s experienced it first hand.

Real Geek Girl

Imagine waking up one day and discovering someone purchased 4 new iPhone Xs using your cellular account and used a photo ID with your name and personal information to pick them up from a brick and mortar store. Then imagine the nightmare of trying to figure out what to do next. As you may have learned from the title of this post, I recently had this experience. I hope by sharing what I learned it will help others navigate the system far easier than it was for me should they, too, find they’re a victim. I also hope that by sharing the proactive measures I wish I would’ve previously known, it will help others prevent identity theft from happening to them.

What to do If you’re a victim

1If you discover you’ve become a victim of identity theft, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath…

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Presentation Guild Member

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Welcome to the Guild!

Champagne Design — PowerPoint Design

There’s a new kid on the block — the Presentation Guild! Ah, finally, recognition for all this creative work. Designing and programming custom PowerPoint templates and formatting content, for corporate clients all over Canada. This, for twenty years now. That’s a lot of slides. Guessing close to 30,000.

PowerPoint was a perfect fit for me, having studied Mass Communications and Visual Arts for a dual BA. Writing, photography, illustration, animation, video, film, and the techie software stuff in 1995. Photoshop 1.0! PowerPoint 95!  That stigma attached to PowerPoint seems to be fading, even print designers appreciate presentation guru’s specialized skill set and experience with projected content.

Now my next step is to obtain my Masters designation.


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